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The UK Immigration system is arguably one of the most complicated systems in the world.

It is a cluster of Acts of Parliament, policies, rules and case - law which are created and re-created almost on a daily bases.  It can be very difficult for migrants who wish to come to or continue living in the UK to understand.  

Often small mistakes or oversights made during the application process can result in a refusal decision which can be  impossible to put right.  Also, UK Visas & Immigration ( the Home Office) are known to refuse applications when it is unfair or unlawful to do so.

Our role is to make the application process as smooth as possible for you and also to challenge the Home Office on your behalf when we think they have got it wrong.

Your immigration case is an investment in your future.

If you are a foreign national who has decided to make the UK your home then you must make sure you follow the correct immigration path from the very beginning

If you need help with your immigration case, don't take chances thinking it will sort itself out, and don't risk having problems later on just to save money now. 

Let us examine your immigration matter

 We're living in a harsh immigration climate.   

There is more scrutiny now on immigration applications than ever before.  

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UK Immigration Experts

Our team is led by Rachel Okello, a Solicitor who specialises in UK immigration and family law issues.  Rachel started practising law in 1998 and qualified as a Solicitor of England and Wales in November 2002. During her career she has specialised in criminal law, family law and immigration law.  She has been self-employed since 2007 so understands the ins and outs of doing business in the UK.

She now focuses on advising people who wish to come to the UK on a long term basis especially to work, join family or do business. She has a particular interest in cases involving the right to family life; protecting the rights of people who wish to live in the UK to be with family members. More 

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We also look at what to do if things go wrong and the relationship breaks down.



Fighting for you

Fighting for you

Fighting for you


Thank you!!!! to the most genuine A1 solicitor of all times. Rachel and her team showed top-class professionalism and gives an amazing support. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with in my lifetime; was made so much easier with all your straight forward advice and positive attitude.

I knew that I was dealing with a God sent solicitor. You knew the best direction for a successful application. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration solicitor.

Thank you again Rachel and your team, can’t even thank you enough. God bless you all 

Reaching Out

Fighting for you

Fighting for you

 “Thank you so much for helping our church member…you went over and above the call of duty” Pastor Scott, Canon Street Church, Birmingham. 

Years of Stuggle

Fighting for you

We're changing Lives

 “I’m so glad I came across your offices..thank you so much for everything” (Successful client whose case had been in the Home Office for 12 years prior to our instructions) 

We're changing Lives

We're changing Lives

We're changing Lives

 Your out here saving lives Rachel Okello. Great work. The recognition is well deserved. 

Transforming people

We're changing Lives

Transforming people

Great work you are doing - changing peoples lives

There for you

We're changing Lives

Transforming people

 Much respect for you Rachel. Your works are a God send to many people. Blessings on you always 

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We advise and represent clients who need a visa to enter the UK; those with family immigration issues; including criminal deportation. We start with a free consultation over the telephone or by video-link.  

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